Free Transport Act

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Free Transport Act is a Liberalian Law. Amended 17 January 2007

[edit] The Bill

Preamble This bill provides free transportation to the groups so stated within the bill, and develops a Travel-Smart card system.

Article I

Clause 1: From here on in, public transport shall be made free to group specified in this Clause. It is to be funded individually by each national government for their particular infrastructure requirements but the national governments will co-operate with the Regional Governmental which will help co-ordinate the project and provide subsidies. The Groups who receive free public transport are:

A - Senior Citizens (i.e. those over 65).

B - Disabled people.

C - Children under the age of 18.

Clause 2: For students, who are able to provide a valid student card, will be charged half of the normal fare.

Clause 3: There shall also be an increase in the number of buses and trains running between stations.

Clause 4: The governments of all nations will be encouraged to increase use of public transport to help combat environmental problems caused by the emissions from cars. This will include regional initiatives to make people aware of the advantages of public transport.

Article II

Clause 1: Commuters of public transport will receive Travel-Smart cards to make commuting easier for everyone. The Travel-Smart card will be universally accepted in all Liberalian nations. Any nation may include an individual national equivalent for their individual travel needs to compliment the Travel-Smart card.

Section a. Travel-Smart cards will be permanent electronic ticketing systems, which will be similar in form to a credit card. A commuter can travel at any time and can pay at a later date in the form of a bill, like for other resources like water and electricity or paying mobile phone credit.

Section b. The public transport system will be overhauled so that all buses, trains, trams and monorails have the appropriate technology to use the Travel-Smart Card.

Clause 2: As an incentive to use the new system and travel public transport, persons who use the card for at least a period of ten weeks will be rewarded with a week free of charge. After the completion of the reward week, another ten weeks must be paid for in order to receive another.

Clause 3: National Governments can include their own improvements to this system, which the implementation of will be aided by the Regional Government which will also use new ideas to use in other Liberalian countries that may be appropriate for it also.

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